Fun and Exciting Spinning Adventure Of Hinder Slots

The famous film of 1986, Highlander, inspired Microgaming, a leading name in a gaming industry, to create this online slot. The game has 5 buckets and provides 243 options to make fantastic money. เกมสล็อต You will discover that Highlander is an exceedingly humorous and fruitful game when you continue to spin the symbols of all-perfect immortal warriors. 711thai The architecture of the video slot is very simple to use and often it can also appear straightforward. However, the wilds and spreads that will transform the tables and adjust the effect with each turning are what makes this online slot so thrilling.

Inspiration of theme 

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The characters and the plot of the movie Highlander have been used by this online slot as inspiration for the game. He is one of many immortal guerrillas who can only be defeated by a decapitation. Christoph Lambert is a swordsman from the Scottish Highlands. In an epic war, he faces and defeats his greatest enemy Kurgan.

Behind the place, the players can see the mountains in a dark gloomy sky and the lights that seem to strike the rolls. Four of the movie’s lead characters can also be used as game logos. The sound effects used in the game are well matched to the overall atmosphere. Any 80-ies rock enthusiast would bump their heads at the rhythm of electric guitars in the music used in Highlander.

As this online slot runs on a tech platform for Microgaming, players can be confident that all animations are seamless with incredibly nimble graphics. Many of you who are real Highlander fans will love this online slot’s architecture and game features.

Low paying symbols 

The creators wanted to use five of the movie characters as paid icons in order to show players a wonderful time. You have the Highlander, his lethal adversary Kurgan, the love of Brenda and two other main characters. In comparison, the less paid markers of this very conventional online slot are A, K, Q, J and 10.

In addition to the icons above, during their spinning journeys, players can also discover Wilds and Scatter. The developers of the game selected the sword of the legendary guerrilla and the Highlander logo as the symbol of the Wild, as a nod to the film. With the exception of the Scatter, the Wild will change any Symbol.

Transform of wild 

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While Highlander’s presence is unpretentious, the players should not feel discouraged as far as the entertainment of this online slot is concerned. Many winning combinations will deliver a generous reward, and the free spins feature can only increase the odds of a worthy spinning round. When you land on two Highlander Watcher Scatters, they become Wilds. As wild symbols (not the scatter) can substitute some other symbol, this function increases the probability of a winner landing.

Random symbol change 

Whenever a Quickening wild hits, there are more Wild marks on the cartridge. The only downside to the Free Spins rounds is that no more Free Spins can be re-triggered or won.

In terms of the Highlander online slot, Microgaming has done a fine job. It has a basic style, but it has all the elements that the fans of the 1986 film will attract. There are numerous winning combinations of Wilds and Scatters that will allow Bonus functionality that will make any spin more gratifying and thrilling. This film slot online knows how to impress players with its stunning look and features.

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